July 5, 2016

Core Process


Your digital presence is the primary driver for creating powerful brand awareness and increasing business opportunity. Having a professional and functional website that is tightly integrated across your enterprise sets the framework for a successful sales, marketing and communication strategy.

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Our configuration tool, "Configure One" can integrate with any organizations online system for sales and work order collaboration. Now sales reps, customers, distributors and internal personnel can instantly generate quotations, work orders and drawings to be integrated directly into our Field Automation tool.

Manufacturing Optimization integrates key digital manufacturing processes to enhance overall productivity including: work order management, scheduling, maintenance, purchasing, offshore container management and inventory optimization. Each function can then be seamlessly integrated into the  C2C Digital Infrastructure to include sales and marketing processes.

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Successful inventory optimization ensures that an organization maintains profitable supply levels while still catering to the needs of their customer base. The Supplemental supply & demand chain collaborative technology ensures that partners can seamlessly communicate on product that is both in their supply chain and in customer facing scenarios. This model provides a synchronized approach to business optimization.

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Successful revenue optimization strategies are achieved by developing strong relationships with your customers and supply chain partners. Demand Shaping expands on traditional supply & demand chain by adapting existing strategies so that partners can now actively shape consumer demand and drive revenue opportunities.

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By automating key business processes, your team is now free to focus on what really matters, such as growing revenue and enhancing productivity.


Integration is key behind the success of Cloud 2 Commerce. All of our tools seamlessly integrate with one another giving your business the ultimate upper hand.


A flexible business solution enables creativity and efficiency so that your team is not only empowered, but that have the means to deliver world class customer service.


No matter what your business specializes in, the ability to configure and integrate product orders is essential for collaboration. Our configuration tool supports both internal and external software.


What good is a business strategy if you don't have the means to measure its success? Our digital analytics provide automated reports so that you are always implementing the best strategies.


Our methods aren't just suggestions, we incorporate proved metrics that work to improve an organizations, productivity, creativity, and customer service.